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10 websites for the eternity

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We launched a blog, where we post a series called 10 websites for eternity, where personalities from various fields share a list of Czech websites they can not imagine life without and which they would regret losing if they were discontinued without being preserved in an archive. It is an opportunity for them to share their top 10 treasures the Czech web has to offer, both forgotten webs worm their bookmarks, and accomplished veterans of the internet. Webarchiv then archives the websites on the list and adds them to a topic collection. We see opening Webarchiv to curatorship from external specialists from various fields as an important direction to head in and a great way to expand our current curatorship strategies. Web: https://medium.com/webarchiv

List of URLs in CSV

Babitron - Zpoždění vlaků

kam.mff.cuni.cz/~babilon/zpmapa [current]


www.biolib.cz [current]


botany.cz [current]

Briefcase Type Foundry

www.briefcasetype.com [current]

https://www.denarchitektury.cz [current]

http://www.christnet.eu/ [current]

http://www.nyx.cz/ [current]

https://www.root.cz/ [current]

https://www.kohoutikriz.org/ [current]

https://www.muzeuminternetu.cz/ [current]

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