Jan Amos Comenius

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A series of events commemorating the personality and spiritual legacy of Jan Amos Comenius (1592 - 1670), the excellent Czech writer and philosopher, the last bishop of the Unity of the Brethren, and the founder of modern pedagogy, known as Teacher of Nations, is planned for the period from 2020 to 2022. The celebrations that this collection captures are celebrated 430 years after his birth and 350 years after his death. They include events of memory institutions, exhibitions, lectures or even comics.

Jan Amos Komenský

www.comenius350.cz [current]

http://www.komensky2020.cz [current]

http://www.msmt.cz/komensky-stale-aktualni [current]

http://www.msmt.cz/ministerstvo/novinar/msmt-chysta-velke-oslavy-vyroci-j-a-komenskeho [current]

https://www.mjakub.cz [current]

https://www.mjakub.cz/projekty-inspirovane-j.-a.-k.?idm=352 [current]

https://comeniusmuseum.nl [current]

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