Floods 2013

Keywords of harvest:

In 2013 a large part of the Czech Republic hit a flood. In thematic harvest, we tried to capture feedback in space of Czech internet, specialized websites, responses of authorities, institutions, reactions of media.

http://www.armadaspasy.cz/povodne2013/ [current]

http://info.blog.idnes.cz/c/345767/Blogeri-iDNEScz-komentuji-povodne-2013.html [current]

http://www.cizp.cz/3554_Povodnova-situace-v-CR [current]

http://www.povodne.cz/ [current]

http://www.cervenykriz.eu/cz/421.aspx [current]

http://www.decin.cz/tag/velka-voda/ [current]

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