World Contraception Day

September 26 is the World Contraception Day since 2007. It draws attention to various methods of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The ideal idea of a campaign is a society in which every child is planned/wanted. We introduce you two resources. The first is the comprehensive website Sexuální.cz. About sex frivolously? Seriously? It informs and explains the various myths and untruths that still exist in the field of sexuality.

The second source is the website Hnutí pro život ČR (Movement for the life CR). It is an association dedicated to restoring social respect for the life of unborn children. It seeks to prevent unnecessary abortions, help women who feel compelled to abortion, and those who have psychological problems after abortion.

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Stránky informující o partnerských vztazích, ženské a mužské sexualitě, antikoncepci, mateřství a dalším

Publisher: MeDitorial

Hnutí Pro život ČR

Informace o etických aspektech interrupce. Problematika je viděna především z hlediska katolické víry

Publisher: Hnutí Pro život ČR

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