Olympic Prague

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On the basis of the resolution of 22 March 2007, the Prague City Hall decided to apply for the Olympic Games in 2016. The information about this decision, its response in mass media and specialized websites was captured in thematic harvest.

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http://www.denik.cz/z_domova/aktualne441707.html [current]

http://domaci.ihned.cz/c6-10084490-20657720-002000_d-praha-se-bude-uchazet-o-olympijske-hry-2016 [current]

http://www.radio.cz/cz/clanek/57752 [current]

http://domaci.ihned.cz/c6-10084490-20726240-002000_d-praha-se-stane-uchazecem-o-olympiadu [current]

http://www.rozhlas.cz/izurnal/cesko/_zprava/320417 [current]

http://www.stavebni-forum.cz/detail.php?id=8551 [current]

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